Introduction in English

The Agency for Quality in Medicine (AQuMed) is a joint organisation of the German Medical Association and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.  It supports the partners in promoting and ensuring the quality of the medical profession.

The focus of the AQuMed is on

  • Assessment and development of scientifically based and practically applicable guidelines, in particular national disease management guidelines (NVL) together with the AWMF, as well as the organisation of the NVL programme
  • Transparent and generally understandable communication of medically agreed recommendations for action as well as the development and communication of quality standards for health information, for example in the form of patient guidelines, brief information, checklists or other information formats
  • Dealing with patient safety issues, in particular the organisational implementation of, the reporting system of the German medical profession
  • New and further development of methods for the aforementioned tasks in order to strengthen the methodological expertise of the medical profession, among other thing

The AQuMed is an initiator and founding member

  • of the German Network for Evidence based Medicine DNEbM, founded in 1998
  • of the Guidelines International Network G-I-N, founded in 2002

The AQuMed has been a member of the German Coalition for Patient Safety since July 2007.

Internet addresses of the AQuMed

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