Clinical Practice Guidelines 2002

ÄZQ/AQuMed invited physicians, as well as health care administrators and policy makers to attend Clinical Practice Guidelines 2002 (CPG2002), the AQuMed Statellite Symposium of ISTAHC 2002 in Berlin, Germany on June 07-08, 2002.

Pfeil MagentaFull programm, abstracts and presentations of the CPG 2002

An international array of experts in the area of development and appraisal of clinical practice guidelines, and of  its use in health care as well as in health care administration and policy  was featured at the symposium.  The goal of the symposium was to provide a international forum for an informed exchange on theoretical frameworks for clinical practice guidelines, as well as a consideration of the practical implications of implementing guidelines in health care. The programme helped health care providers, decision and policy makers understand better the strengths and limitations of developing and using clinical practice guidelines.

Clinical practice guidelines are tools for making decisions in health care more rational, for improvement in quality of health care delivery and for strengthening the position of the patient. At best, they also may assist to increase efficiency, and this contributes to cost containment in health care. The success and failure of clinical practice guidelines depend on their quality, medical value, on social, legal and ethical aspects involved as well as their implementation in daily practice.

During the last years several international and national projects and programmes have been established - in order to professionalize development and use of CPGs. Examples are the Council of Europe’s initiative "Guidelines on Best Medical Practices", the European Project "AGREE-Appraisal of Guidelines Research and Evaluation", the establishment of national CPG programmes and clearinghouses allover the world.

CPG 2002 was the international forum to discuss realisation and future of international and national CPG projects.

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